What is Scodix?

Scodix is a digital enhancement technology using clear polymer that gives a look similar to UV but with many more advantages. It can be applied in varying thicknesses and percentages that create a look and feel of textures, adding value to any print item be it Digital or Litho. 

Ideal for a wide range of market segments:

• Business - folders, catalogues, brochures, business cards, direct mail, labels, inserts
• Consumer - invitations, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums
• Industrial - packaging, cosmetics, high-end products, pharmaceuticals

Scodix is also Eco Friendly



Annual Report Graphic Enhancement

Business Card

Point of Sale Cards

Folder Elements

Click here to see more samples.


Setting up your files for Scodix in a few easy steps

We simply need an additional separation to act as a mask for all the areas that you would like to have enhancement on your artwork. The new layer file will be supplied as a separated PDF file to the Scodix press printing queue.

It is important to make sure that it is identical in all respects (size, orientation, crop, position of image and text etc.) to your original CMYK artwork.

Creating artwork for Scodix:

  • Open your artwork in your preferred design software
  • Select the elements you desire to Scodix and duplicate it to a new layer
  • Convert the layer to a new swatch 'Scodix' spot colour and setup the desired density (full 100% or 30%-5%)
  • If the item to be Scodix enhanced is a picture, you will need to creat a mask in Photoshop
  • Do not allow Scodix images to bleed and avoid placing Scodix over folds

For a more in-depth step by step guide, click here to download the PDF guide

Click here to download Photoshop Actions - CS3
Click here to download Photoshop Actions - CS4




 You can visit this link to view files being set up using Photoshop.