Paper Sizes

Choosing the right paper size for your print job can be a confusing and daunting task, especially if you’re
not too sure of the differences between the sizes. Our easy to use paper size guide is designed to take the
confusion out of choosing the size for your printing.

A series paper is used in general printing, including stationery and publications. A0 is the basic, standard
sheet and measures 841mm x 1189mm (about 1m2). Each number after that indicates that the sheet is
half the size of the sheet before. So A1 will be half the size of A0, A2 is a quarter of A0 and so on.

Paper bigger than A0 keep the same proportions and a number is added to the front of the letter, for
example 2A0 is twice as big as an A0 sheet. Below is a simple guide to the different paper and envelope

A0 – 1189×841 mm
A1 – 841×594 mm
A2 – 594×420 mm
A3 – 420×297 mm
A4 – 297×210 mm
A5 – 210×148 mm
A6 – 148×105 mm

B4 – 353×250 mm
B5 – 250×176 mm
B6 – 176×125 mm
C4 – 324×229 mm
C5 – 229×162 mm
C6 – 162×114 mm
DL – 220×110 mm
DL Maxi – 230×115 mm

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